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Well, certainly was an-action packed morning.

After skipping dinner, watching the Aus vs NZ rugby game, sinking 5 beers, 6 or 8 shots of bourbon and 3 smirnoff double blacks, I wandered around a local club trying to locate TUT's Convict (with a notable lack of sucess). I guess being drunk didn't help the cause - anyway, I was home in time for my girlfriend to pass out. Luckily a kebab and some pizza sustained me for the morning; dozing from about 3:30 to 5am I jumped on msn with some trepidation about whether or not I'd missed the first match. Sure enough, 20 minutes later Gladius signs on to tell me that he, Grank and Mach had won DE. Phew.

On Teamspeak I was basically rumbling because of my alcohol soaked throat, as Mach, Glads and the ToD admins will attest to.

Ooze had a phenomenal game in the first round on korman, bagging 4 kills in a solid defense of the rectory by him and Louie. Gladius managed to break the basement defense and pick the safe - no dice (or ruby). He had also nabbed the crypt ruby and about 450 loot.

Mach had various forays into the lower part of the rec and was shot dead about twice by Ooze's rather freakish aim. In the end, Gladius flashed Ooze, invis'd and picked the ruby safe - in dining. He was tragically cut down by Ooze's thunderous mace mere steps from freedom - in the kitchen. Mach's attempt to save the bacon resulted in an incredible double crack hit on Louie and Ooze, and a dual ruby snatch. Unfortunately, he was running out of time - maybe under a minute left - and he had no loot. I don't know if he was lacking broadheads or what, but the spectators were furiously whispering "KILL THEM!" (all AI were gone). I think they ended up cutting Mach down before the time ran out - he was furiously rushing around the rec and was allegedly heard mumbling 'fuck, fuck, fuck' to himself on teamspeak. Valentines win, some nice work surviving sporadic bowfire with no AI left, and good guarding on a typically tough assignment in the rectory.

Round two saw myself and Mach set up a crypt defense. Louie unluckily cratered off the ladder from the sewer, and was also pinned against the wall by an AI. Mach and Ooze (I think) had fun opening and closing the front entry on each other while Louie made another dart and killed me with broadheads (also the ghost had been owning my slightly drunken travelling). I respawned outside the church and ran head on into Ooze and Louie in the church - at least, I think that was how it happened, I can hardly remember now. I managed to kill both of them and then kill the last thief as he ran into the church again. Round goes to ShanKa.

I gave Mach and Glads the infamous pep talk before the last round - and it worked, I must say . Mach's bowfire was on target and a sword-bearing Gladius (I know, it scared me too) blitzed into a weakened Louie and Ooze, downing both to take the round and the match. By that time it was 7am in the morning, and me and Glads were both buggered.

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