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Match Summary
(Brody was kind enough to make some GameCam footage with TS recordings from the Mockers, these will be linked to when they are complete).

Round 1:
Forsaken - thieving: Gabriel (Rahven), Chalrif (Demandred), Lotor(Aginor) (I think I got the aliases right - please correct me if necessary.)
Mockers - guarding: Gladius, Rodent, Shug

Gladius and Shug set up while Rodent harassed the thieves on the rooves (and attempted an epic mario early only to crater, lofl). An early confrontation saw two thieves accosted by Rodent - he was flashed, and they took off, but one of the unfortunate thieves (Demandred) was killed shortly after by a mine while attempting to breach the store.
Rodent continued to dance on the rooves and found Aginor, and a running confrontation took them from the rooves to just outside the store where Rodent finally cut down his quarry.
Aginor attempted to penetrate the defense again, but was tagged and bolted by Shug near the flat roof, and then cut down by Rodent after a chase across the rooftops. Simultaneously, Demandred was flared out by Shug near the flat roof before invising and grabbing some loot from the flat roof. Shug firebolted him and dropped down to the flank of the barracks tower to finish Demandred off.
Demandred was once again flared out, and stumbled across some trops in the north western tunnel, but got a good flash on Shug to escape. Unfortunately he ran into the crate room near the barracks tower and was trapped by Shug's leet crack-dodging ability (lewl). More teammates arrived, but Demandred got his revenge by viciously murdering Shug with broadheads. He made a dash for it, but had to run through his own crack and was brought down by Rodent shortly thereafter.
That brought the last thief Rahven roaring into action, and he made a dash towards the flat roof. The ensuing AI response (which abruptly ended) confused the guarding side, and the kicked anthill brought a flaring Shug to draw Rahven out. He produced a sterling crack on an air-born Shug, and an eager Gladius (who hadn't seen any action all game) was caught up in the same cloud as he flew down. Rahven looped back onto the rooftops, but was waylaid by a slashing Rodent. Despite catfalling down on the street level, Rodent's leap of faith followed him and the final blows were delivered to end the round, despite Rahven's never-say-die broadhead arrows. Round goes to the Mockers.

Round 2
Same teams

Forsaken regrouped and approached more slowly after the first round of action. A support thief was cut down with no loot, and they were steadily approaching the total - unfortunately it seems there was a disconnect on Aginor's behalf, and later on another Forsaken also fell foul of a lagout. Late in the game the Mockers fell back to defending the exits, and a huge lag spike made spectators and players think that the server had crashed - but it came back from the dead. Demandred was left to force an exit with 1000 loot, but was cut down by Gladius in front of the inner exits. Round and map goes to the Mockers. (Sorry about the lack of detail here, but I saw very little action in the second round).

Forsaken - guarding: Gabriel, Chalrif, Lotor
Mockers - thieving: Gladius, Rodent, Shug

Round 1
A clumped and inopportune spawn forced the Mockers to abandon an early rush. Rodent managed to snag a key, and looted high and low in search of the plans. Towards the end of the round, all the safes had been searched bar one - and that one happened to be camped by three guards (whether by method or miracle, we couldn't ascertain). Gladius was geared up and escorted in by Rodent and Shug to bust open the safe defence, and that he did, despite the spirited guarding. Shug ushered his two teammates into the outside exit - which proved a difficult assignment for the two Forsaken guards - for another Mockers round win.

Round 2
An early thrust by Shug and Gladius into the lower kitchen proved disastrous - Gladius was cut down in the outside hallway, and Shug couldn't find the key he was carrying. He was subsequently despatched by Demandred after stumbling over some trops (just in time to hear Phae announcing for the 10th time that he wanted Rodent to die a painful and ignominious death).
Rodent and Gladius were left to carry the team's expectations, and a series of run-ins with Forsaken guards left their equipment and health depleted.
The round slowed right down at that point, before Gladius was trapped in the old kitchen by a devious Demandred. He shut the door to avoid Gladius's crack, and a game of cat and mouse began. The Forsaken guard was seemingly reluctant to focus his entire attention on Gladius with Rodent still on the loose, and nobody appeared to help him out - so he tried to bottle Gladius using a whistler. That was quickly put to an end with a blackjack, and Demandred charged in to put an end to the confrontation but was dropped by Gladius's KO stick. Another dart into the kitchen by Gladius saw him KO Demandred for a second time to rub it in.

Meanwhile, Rodent agonized over where to strike next (with only a crack left to his name) in the heavily trapped and guarded upper levels. A deftly timed run saw him penetrate the attack under the nose of a guard, and he then opened the safe to fortuitously discover the plans. Forsaken were quick to up the ante, and they blocked off both exits with three men each. The two Mocker thieves inspected both exits before attacking the outside one with crack and decoy - Gladius dashed through into the exit zone, however Rodent was wedged between two guards and ripped to shreds mere inches from freedom. Gladius pulled his trademark "pick up the objectives in front of two guards" trick made famous on Spider, and calmly regathered Rodent's loot and the plans to take the round for Mockers.

Mockers defend Flats 2 - 0, and take Stronghold 2 - 0. Brody's movies complete with TS recordings will be available soon!
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