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All of this stuff depends WHO YOU PLAY WITH!!! Some players use teamwork, others don't, this is the case and has always been the case. You can't play for one day and then go "yes, thievery is worse, there is no teamwork".
There is significantly less dm'ing in the game these days, because instead of bitching about dm'ing and bad-mouthing those that did it, (as was the case in the past), the community swung around and dm'ing was accepted. This dosen't mean that because its deemed 'ok' that there is no such thing as objectives anymore. Because, as Shug pointed out, since people stopped Vilifying DM'ing and focused on countering it, the quality of guarding has increased. I remember the 'good old days' where players were metaphorically spat at for DM'ing or indeed having a high ping, 'abusing lag', being in a 'DM guild' or whatever. However, I believe that the 'acceptance of DM'ing' has got rid of most of this and made for a friendlier game/community.

If you don't like how the game is now, then by all means don't play it.
But please don't come in here and have 'a go' at the people that still play and enjoy the game. Its like saying, 'the game sucks now, I can't believe the idiots that still play it.'

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