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The reason why I even debated these things here was because I find it rather "interesting" that people who haven't so much as touched a public server in the last 6 months presume to tell me how I most likely play, how I work as part of a team, what the general game climate is... and so on. WOW DUDEZ TURFWARS III COLLAPSED THIEVERY MUST BE TEH SUX

Even Rad doesn't play as much as he used to, and god knows who he plays with because my teams usually have a general level of co-ordination, and that's even when I play without Mockers or other guildsmen.

So anyway Rad, how do you know what private servers are like when nobody invites you? Oh, wait... you probably wouldn't.
Those are the kind of vague arguments and ideas we're up against here, people. Open your eyes.

I really can't do anything but take an opinion as hot air unless you actually have some kind of recent grounding to make a statement on this game.
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