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I have to agree with Shug and Glad. I agree with them not just because they are my guildmates and I respect their opinions, but more that we are one of the active guilds playing public games. So we do know the state of play, and while it may not satisfy all, private games can meet the "TUT" needs of those who have "left" the game (or at least don't play pub games any more). What we should realise is that the thing that brought us all together in the first place (Thievery) is still here and most of us still enjoy playing it, whether on pub games, private, tournaments, solo (gasp), coop (errr...), whether once a month or every day (ahem Indus...). Like many things a community likes, often argument will arise. But Rad said the game has not gone down hill, but some players have...well, one cannot exist without the other. I would rather say that the game has gone downhill only when those players who have gone downhill are playing it. And some of those we have mangaged to get rid of. No mean feat. It could be worse.
A unique game will bring togehter a unique community and both unique glories and unique problems. Many of which we have discussed (or imagined...) and most of which we have overcome...or at least left behind by embracing what the game means to us and how best to play it (which may involve the choice of not playing at all). As the venerable Laughing Rat said well, in so many words) to Citizen E, it's only really a no need to get too worked up..

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