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 Originally Posted by LaughingRat:
An interesting thought occurred reading your post. Could it be that your experiences, as well as Shug's, Glad's, and others who've stated they see no problem in current gameplay stem from the fact that you have a number of active players from your team? Perhaps what happens is you're on often enough with teammates, who you know, like, respect, and enjoy playing with, that your esperience playing differes significantly from other players'?
I can definitely agree with that in part, but also with Glad's post above - there are many other players I enjoy playing with/against. Sure, constant DM fests may annoy me sometimes, but usually on nights when my (already limited) skill is a bit dull due to tiredness (etc). Then again, gettin my butt kicked by good thief teams winning by obs all the time can also annoy me, but I get over it pretty quickly. After all, tis but a game...
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