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 Originally Posted by DeepQantas:
I'm lost in all this ranting... Can someone clarify this for me: What was the actual offense?

a) Two guilds plotting together to wipe out a third one?
b) Members of one guild playing as members of another guild?
c) Something else?

Of course (a) should be totally acceptable as far as I can see, but I seriously dunno what's going on.
The correct answer is B. The catalyst for all this was TheMachine aliasing as one of the Forsaken, when he was on the Mutant team. Both those teams were plotting together, and that's okay -- although the way it was done was in quite poor form. Eventually the goal of their conspiracy changed from simply defeating the Mockers to breaking the tournament itself, though.

 Originally Posted by PhaeThorn in the Forsaken and Mutants private plotting thread:
Withdraw on the day the new challenges are being made. There won't be time to get all the maps to the other teams and basicly it messes the whole time schedule up because the remaining teams cannot attack eachother, for they are not connected. GG tournament.
With that kind of attitude among half the teams in the tournament, there's really not much point in playing.
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