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THere should be more places where a autoganer is abolutley needed and places where demo shines, same for medic or techs. FOr examples you could put zones with hardmounted minigunes only autoguner can use or machines only tech can operate with ( not only some remote guns but machiner you could crush the bugs with... Ideas like mobile forcefield bubble that is remotely controlled by one player while rest stays in it trying not to sep out and get fried choped burned or annything else) or maybe big vehicles tech can drive and ag can operate turret while demos and medics travel on it protecting theyre driver not to be eaten or the main gunner. Remote minefields a demo could operate with triggers or medics specific things like luring aliens away from the group with pheromones or field labs they could use for various purposes like mixing some extra bombs or various vacinations that would temporarly buf others and be able to be caried out in the field, or operating a cryogenic field slowing and freezing the enemies while watching out not to kill your teammates.

All in all for better multiplayer you need more features more stuff where people can have theyre 5 minutes to shine.

Other than that i cant recall annything that wasnt mentioned already, quitters and smartass newbs are annoying as all hell but i dont think you have an idea for that. perhaps a medic could use a field brain implantation to alow remotely controll of a marine if he strays off and get lost a pro could switch to him and guide him back for a fev seconds.
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