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Well i played some out of a weird mood and hell is it dead, 3 total servers? All the THN ones seem gone.

Dunno about griefers or star stealing or whatever but id have some general suggestions.

1) Tutorial is nice but dont think many will bother goin thru something that lengthy where its just reading stuff and bots so mebbe make the first campaign some sorta tutorial campaign presenting typical situations where you pick up teh skillz along the way or something with Sergeant Major Helpfulhints barking "DEPLOY TEH TURRET HERE MAGGOT" or L4D style hint stuff like "You better prepare before hacking because shit comes" or whatever. It could be called the Nooboolon Campaign.

2) Since its so dependant on Map Knowledge you get a huge gap where vets can just sleepwalk and get annoyed when somebody doesnt get with the routine (didnt happen in those recent games tho, wub westy) and the rest is plain confused and has difficulties keeping up. To dampen that there should be some randomization (i gathered so far spawns and stuff are static, if not oho) so even if ya played a thing 200 bazillion times you still wouldnt quite know whats up which a) would lower the pace abit so Private Whatdidhejustdo could see what everybody just did and b) could make newer dudes helpful too since theyd know about as much when stuff could spawn as a vet. Could even be an option if you like speedrunning so much :b

This is my feedback based on playing ~2 hours this week. And ~5 when AS came out. And ~1 in between where i got in the way of the routine >:S

EDIT : How bout MELEE WEPINZ. Youd think the interstellar Megamarines would have lazor rapiers or something

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