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Entry 4 - January 31

Some lamps converted from NB-UT2004 to NB-UT3

And another small update to..

*Note.. the proportion are off in this screenie (the waist).. will upload a new one later

Entry 4 - February 5

UT3 allows you to customize your avatar.. so i though it would be nice if it would be possible to do it with your thief/guard aswell. A few odd examples

Next step after this is texturing and high res version.. woop

Entry 5 - March 5

Its been a while since i touch my thief model.. but im at it again. I have decided to focus on the head first for now. Currently unwrapped, made a quick mockup texture... proper texture and normal mapping to follow and hopefully do some hair in the process.

A close up. First pass done (excluding ears)

And here is a test inside UT3

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