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The 2 only downfalls of AS

Obviously i think AS is a great game, nearly every day since released ive played on it at least once. Whilst playing on it though there are 2 downfalls i can think of to the game.

The first, a major one is player pushing/pulling. I really think this is an unnecessary feature. I know its meant to prevent grief play but it also has the opposite effect, especially when the maps corridors are at a nice size. As jaeger/sarge im a mid speed character, i will be on point shooting at aliens in front of us, someone will run straight through my character and then as i am running / shooting will end up wrapped around their char causing FF. Doing speed runs on Cargo without blowing barrels but running along ledge i have even nearly been thrown into the pit by someone running through me. It definately does more bad than good regarding player safety to themself and others.

Second is a minor but now there is no jump the game has been made more linear regarding close obstacle blocks. Blink is great for crossing big distances but landing bay for example at first hacking door, the roll would have been fantastic if at left door to jump over railing to other door. Diving through windows in their protected suits would have been good also.
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