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What actually IS night-blade?

What's the main gametype? WHy have 3 sides? What are shades? Whats thier aim/role in this game? Is there like only one objective in each map where you have to find a blade called "Nightblade"!?

I just realised i hardly know anything about this mod. And i figured i was being abit harsh saying TuT would be better than it, i was thinking abit it last night, and i realised that, Can i apologise? I'm sorry for making you dev's feel bad.

I was actually thinking now, how AWESOME night-blade is gonna be, I was picturing it in my head from the little information i know, and i was amazed. It seemed really really cool. I would do anything to speed the process up, i would donate time in, i would join the dev team, but i'm no where near enough talent. I would map...but...Well...I seriously just don't know enough about the game to even think about starting.

So, i didn't want a release date or nothing(Sorry about bothering you about that as well), i just wanted to know.
What actually IS Night-blade?
And no silly answers like "It's a Total Conversion Mod for ut2004."

I realised by reading 1 year old threads(Yes i was bored) and noticed significant change, Fast game play, quick learning curve, Nice Cool mini crossbow. So, would the maps have to be huge? Or about the same size as a Assault/Onslaught map?
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