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Post Deciding to install again; need help as usual.

From instaling with like a 1.0(5+ years old) 6 CD set of UT2k4, what is the official order to get this mod installed and working with all the custom campaigns from this list:

Sigma/Ortega/Phalanx/Telic/EFR/Upsilon/Rift/Corvus(well guess not Corvus;need download for all that apply)

With: Telic Stims Enabled and all extra weapons from the campaigns chooseable at the start.

Also it would be nice to know how to have all the game unlocks already unlocked(hardcore,carnage,etc. with the camera rotate options).

Yeah, until they fix the matchmaking in Alien Breed: Impact, I can't get my fix for this genre of games yet(already beat Shadowgrounds and Alien Shooter: Vengeance too many times).

Thanks in advance.

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