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Ok neither of those code commands are working lightfoot, and I know they should be. (Creating .bat or just runnin EFR mutator from console or callvoting)

I dunno, maybe there is so missing files in the Telic zip or something, I'm going to have to check.

Am I required to run the MutAoOption mutators, or at least have them installed; it doesn't make sense why it is not working.


So okay, the mutator is not sticking for some reason, and not loading in either. I dunno if it could possibly be something to do with the latest widescreen patch.


Tried just loading the Telic(standalone) mutator as well; same results.


Update again:

 Originally Posted by Fuzzy Bunny: ( link to post ) 
start ..\System\ut2004.exe AOL-TelicCampaignLobby.ut2?Game=AoCustCamp.AoCCLobbyGameInfo?CustCampStr=AoTelicCamp.AoCCTelicCampaign?CampaignSlot=11?NewGame=Yes?SlotName=Telic?CampaignType=Custom?Mutator=AoEFRCode.MutEFR -mod=AlienSwarm
So apprently it is now working, after "just trying" again by changing with callvote.

I have no idea why it is working now, I didn't change any files or copy+paste over. Makes no sense.

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