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It got postponed several times, until at some point 'cancelled' would be the better word.
MjrHurtz, maker of Phalanx, did 2 or 3 maps, that never got finished. Kil!er has done some work trying to finish those. We will see.

NoData has maybe 2 unfinished maps. L'Architecte made a nice swamp map. And there is a handful of other maps that are very promising, in different states of unfinishedness, but more than enough to build on.

Also, there is this or that small extra feature I know of, that could be used to spice up maps with tiny bits of new content.

But there is just no way of pulling off a campaign alone, unless you are REALLY fanatic, or have no life. It needs a joint effort.
And even if the manpower would be availiable, the mappers need to see the chance of their stuff being played afterwards, to be motivated to invest that work.

I think, to raise the player count again, it would need a package with a campaign, and some new features, a fix here and there, such things. A package of Telic-size.

I fear there ain't much chance to get such a package done without help from BCG, thus making the project 'official'. That's why I asked for an official statement, if possible.
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