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 Originally Posted by Beowulf: ( link to post ) 
And Dalai, look what they have done to your game!
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 Originally Posted by VooDoo*|MbR|*: ( link to post ) 
maybe upgrade antistack mutator, so guards cant frob dead thief bodies, and guard ones? or its still possable in this version? And other muatator, makes Ai's allert when u taunt Thief here, or Thief spotted! I just want sometimes make ais allert, but its unpossable.
the bodies iv allready tryed but it didnt seem to work for some reason guards wont be able to frob tommy in korman tho.. (i think) might see if i can get that working tho

as for the ai taunt, it actualy is possible the only prob with that idea is that guards will use it to make all the ai alert so no back snipes at all might be possible to do tho
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