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 Originally Posted by -KewlAzMe-: ( link to post ) 
Actually one thing that is a major difference in the way Thief worked vs TUT is the speed at which a player can walk while the bow is drawn. In Thief you could barely move, where as thieves can walk quite quick with a bow in Tut... perhaps that should be slowed to that same level so people can't walk around with a taut bow.

Perhaps a charged BJ should also slow the walk down a lot so that they are only able to be used from a stationary position, instead of the running around jumping in shadows and Circle strafing madness. Only the foolish guards that have their backs to the same shadow for longer than the time is takes to charge the BJ, or if they just happen to be walking past a charged hiding thief, they get their just desserts for not checking and watching better. But the Guard chasing the thief into the shadows with the helmet on at least gets a "clang" or two because that thief won't be able to quickly juke left and Power hit right.

Thus making the helmet at least slightly more useful
Good points - perhaps we could try these 2 ideas with a mutator to see how we all like it?

edit: beaten by keg
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