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Most of you haven't heard of this project yet, as it was mainly discussed at tomcats shoutbox. Currently it is Beta-tested while I am making just some final fixes.

The level:
This is my very first project in UEd, I did a huge mistake - I started it without proper preparation, what caused me to rebuild some areas even for a few times. I decided to pick a map as a base. I chose SkeltstonHead - I erase most of the map leaving just the docks area, which was strongly rebuilt. Dock buildings shape was changed, the whole interior deleted and made from scratch, the sea area has been reconstructed etc. There is also a ship from DM-KGalleon UT map scaled 1/2 in the docks. The interior's design is kept similar to Skeltston, outside design was slightly changed and retextured. I intended this map to be played more outside than inside, however it turned out, that - as usually in TUT - inside will be the point.

Thieves have to get 800 loot and escape. The escape and start zone is set on the ship. There is also an optional objective for thieves to get rid of the lighthouse.

This map will have features like: scripted events (the boat and the lighthouse - it was a pretty huge effort to make it work), trigger lights, patrol routes, non-playable AI - civilians or spider, new textures, sounds, and some secrets to be discovered .

The map is divided into 3 important parts - the docks, the warehouse and the dockhouse. Docks is a place where the game begins and ends, an outside area - nothing to guard in there. Warehouse is not too rich in loot as well, it hosts a boat in the docking bay that may be used by thieves. The dockhouse is the place guard will more likely guard, as it keeps more than 1000 of loot. Both the dockhouse and the warehouse may be accessed via various ways. The loot placement was done in rush as I thought it too hard to determine at this point of creating map - most likely while testing or playing we will figure out how to place the loot better. Thieves have 4 lives and guards have 8 - these valuese may be changed as well.

Release date:
I don't know. May be any moment - the moment we finish testing it.

Credits (may change ):
-solaris - for creating such an awesome map as SkeltstonHead which I used as a base for this level
-Juan Pancho ' XceptOne ' Eekels - for the ship shape I used
-Alex-X-x - beta testing
-FatRatHead - beta testing
-komandor - beta testing
-Michal - beta testing
-Feralidragon - for helping me with making the boat work online
-I hope I didn't miss anyone

For now there are no screenshots to view, but you may watch a trailer

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