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Problems with compiling SDK and visual map bug

the server vsproj had an erroneous '
$File at line 2232 which prevented me from compiling it, also there was a problem with asw_medal_store.cpp and asw_medal_store.h which prevented from compiling.

After I finally managed to fix the errors in the provided sdk so that the server and client dlls would compile I find that a couple of the maps are unplayable due to some outlandish bloom blur effect the map was the bridge map and the camera appears to be focusing on the rooftops.

Bear in mind this should be a simple task to recompile the sdk and play said mod(falling back to alien swrm files for 100% except the server and client dlls) the campaign and everything seems perfect apart from that.

I'm quite inexperienced with the source modding but I have been modding games since doom1 and am keen to mod for AS
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