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 Originally Posted by Archie:
(Industrialism wrote :I’m somewhat upset I missed Sunday; it would have been fun watching pride disappear and the price of reality shine through.)

Wow you actually predicted you would loose ?
Good thing you start to realise things Ricky boy
*Slap Slap
I didn’t mention about either side emerging victorious, smart ass...and I said at the start of this tournament I wasn’t here to win it, or play serious but that doesn’t mean, I wont consider playing harder against smarmy, arrogant noobs such as you and yours, if you really wish to start problems between me and you, then I’m well (predicted) ahead of you….follow suit you tool, strength in numbers *watches the weak cling together on the door steps of the TuF chapel*

How’s the Inviz koing going by the way , aliasing doesn’t hide the weak Archi…even Phae knows that , & even after being away a while I still use my name because I don’t have this ego or reputation bullshit you and yours bring to the game, I play for fun not to hide like a child, gang up and bounce random childish comments around a server chat window…I would expect better from you, but after seeing the other recently recruited members turn, it doesn’t come as a fucking surprise you would be stupid enough to miss asking the instigator why & just join in regardless, I doubt you have much upstairs anyway my boy.

I suggest you leave it *before you hurt yourself* and let another member take a pop shot, there’s like seven maybe eight of them.
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