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The videos were fantastic, very entertaining & the ts recordings really added to it.
As for you Mr machine, you know exactly what I’m getting at, I’m not the only forum member who plays the game online and is on the receiving end of problems that constantly come from your corner or affiliates, this feud has been going on close to a year now and all I do is retort and all you and yours do is persist with causing problems and making unprovoked comments and then there’s the other things we could list… but we would be here all day, it gets rather repetitive don’t you think, I doubt a treaty would keep the balance either…as for proclaiming, again your interpretations are wrong…I would have just liked to of been there for the match, putting words into mouths or just trying to establish what I meant always comes out wrong…so don’t waste your time, unless your looking for ground to continue problems where you feel an interpretation is a good reason to continue with the shit.

Anything else you wish to discuss, I believe a pm would put it to rest, the feud on the other hand…
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