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"Friendship", roflmfao - I think not .
Iím on about ending the crap during public games, its rather distracting when your trying to concentrate or just have funÖhell, I donít even want to commute with you or your affiliates, I just want to play thievery and not have to stop and reply with something thatís like petrol spilling in hell - causing all kinds of never ending verbal retorts.

Have you tried arguing with 3 maybe 4 people with combined twisted names of the same group, while being kick voted by 3 to 6 people (mid game), and trying to out run t13x on five blood, with no equip ? Not much fun, and not that I complain, but it gets rather annoying when itís been going on for a few months, and of course letís not forget the admin flexesÖ

Still if the shit stops then...threads hijacked like this, wonít happen anymore. Nor will hatred (my favourite feeling) run riot on servers ...

lmfao *Signs name on treaty* jk
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