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Lack of Bots?

Someone said this game won't have bots, I think. I'm not sure if that's true, but... Are you crazy!

I don't mean to sound stupid or anything, and I know how hard it is to make bots (code, code, code, test, test, /suicide) but honestly, Thief and Thievery/Nightblade are games that, unfortunately, appeal to a niche audience. As such, they all a.) didn't have the proper amount of players for games of their caliber and development time, or b.) died early deaths because there weren't enough players to go around, circulate in and out of the player pool, and keep the mod/game/community alive.

Make no mistake, Thievery is dead. All the development time that went into it, and except for a few scattered players on at odd times, the servers are empty. If it weren't for bots, there would be no life at all, and with the three or four people (obviously more, but not all at the same time), the bots keep the games populated and interesting.

Without bots, those 2 guys I saw playing the other day would be in the server completely alone, and I doubt they would stick around for very long.

I'm just saying. I hope you guys have everything under control because I don't see Nightblade, no matter how much me and people like me will probably enjoy it, surviving for very long on the mod scene. The very latest in gaming technology (ie. UT3 Engine) won't be the end all of these worries, either.
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