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Sorry, temporary reversion into a neanderthal. I was just voicing my concern, but this is great news to hear.

Also, this game would die an early death because there would be no one to play against. While novel to play a multiplayer thief-based game, without people to populate the servers, no on would stick around. No one wants to play by themselves.

Of course, there will probably be a fairly large crowd in the beginning, but once that begins to drop in size, bad things would happen, people would get bored and they would leave. That's all I'm saying, and it's true. You need some sort of meat on this plate of Thiefy goodness or the people will go hungry.

I'm really glad you dispelled my fears though, WHEW. Without bots, this game wouldn't even have an afterlife in LAN play.

 Originally Posted by Rodent: ( link to post ) 
It's pretty simple really, multiplayer games are about playing against human opponents. If people want to play vs bots, go play Thief!

Saying that a game wouldn't survive without bots; and that you should have them so people can play when no-one's around is like aiming to fail from the very outset.
Not what I said. I don't want to play with bots, but without bots to fill the empty spaces in the server, it'll be like playing a game of hide and seek that the guards will never win.

I'm looking at Nightblade through the lens of how Thievery is now.
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