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 Originally Posted by -KewlAzMe-: ( link to post ) 
That would be sweet tho... if he can even add breakable environments without lagging too much.
why am i not a bit suprised ofc you'll say something like that.

 Originally Posted by ZTx3: ( link to post ) 
Title: Home Wrecker
Team: Guard/Thief
Description: Player who destroys the most objects in game(barrels, boxes, chairs, plates, glasses, bottles, windows etc etc)

Not sure how realistic it is to track all that though :\
no offence, but why would we even want a title like that? a handful of titles ive seen here is quite childish imo, not gonna mention names. but take this "Home Wrecker" for example, some "kids" *cough*KAM for example, will run around just to trash an extra 4-5 crates just to achieve the title at the ending together with a bunch of other many titles is silly, and WILL take ppl of their game cause they will run around "collecting" titles..

i didnt read all titles immortius mentioned but that was SOME list O_O i hope he'll even halve that list and just take the most important ones (which will become the most amusing ones aswell)

i dont know about the rest, but i rather se my aim skill in percentage or/and get like "sharpshooter", "master ghoster", "master thief" that is imo much most intressting than seeing..... how many POTS IVE DRUNK? how many things ive trashed? W T F ?
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