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^^ I'm thinking more like actual furniture.. and more so in regards to losing points. If a Guard runs around smashing all the tables, windows, chairs, and pictures with his melee weapon, should there be some sort of punishment? Some damage may be acceptable if you swing and miss a thief and smash the table he was on. But if some "kid" runs around smashing things and it gets to a high amount of damage, perhaps HomeWrecker would remove points from the total score...

LoUie, if you want people to take you serious then try to be a bit more objective in your conversations, as your constant "should have figured a kid like you *KAM* would say something like that" comments are only hurting your own credibility... If you don't like an idea or think you can improve on it, then please feel free to add your opinion, but stop trying to be the hero by slamming other people's thoughts.

 Originally Posted by immortius: ( link to post ) 
I judge one kill to be quite exceptional for a thief with no damaging weapons.
Ah I see, there is some change to the gameplay there.
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