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 Originally Posted by LoUie: ( link to post ) 
but srsly man, i have no where ever seen such ideas on others forums etc (remember the "special breeds" thing?) yeeeah >_^ when you keep reading ideas which honestly makes you ask yourself if this dude is serious, then seeing some ppl actually liking the idea and starts with more and more ideas which is like.. makes me wanna pull my own hair. then its SO hard to not just sit there and throw in a completly calm and normal comment "hm, yeeea, i dont think that would work. how bout!....". btw, i am not reffering to you now ZTx3.
So you throw a fit because other people think outside the box and a bit differently than you and the other forums that you talk on? I do apologize for not being a robot. A simple "I disagree" and your reasons would do. Instead of the constant belittling and condescending comments. That is the only reason I get on your case. You and your ideas aren't better than everyone else... we are all entitled to opinions and ideas.

So... for my next ideas...

EscapeArtist- Seen multiple times by AI (and humans tho I don't know how you can prove that) yet never gets caught.. Sort of a spin off of Unkillable, but credits their ability to escape.. kinda the same thing I guess.

SpeedFreak - For those "TDQ" guys, perhaps if they single-handedly get the loot/obj and back to exit within 2 min.
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