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Thread: Illuminus Journal Entry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athelstone View Post
    I made a post about colour schemes a few days ago - I'm just going to copy and paste it:

    If there are colour schemes, they should be congruent with the mood of the game. For example if there were a choice of different coloured cloaks, they should all have a dark, dusky colour tone. For example, dark yellow or dark green only, rather than bright green or bright yellow.
    Well ofcourse lol.
    I never realy suggested bright PINK thieves.

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    Be careful with the transmission effect Illuminus. Subtle makes perfect.

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    Member Illuminus's Avatar
    Jun 2004
    Blame Epic, i used one of their materials to test the mesh and texture.

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    I just took the time to actually view the new Thief modell (Dont hurt me! O_O).
    And i have to say i absolutely LOVE the hatted thief!
    Kind of reminds me of Van Helsing and Dark Watch.
    Maybe it would be more awesome if the brim of the hat was a bit bigger (a bit like a cowboy hat, in a dark kind of way.)

    Its just a suggestion though

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    Nightblade: Vampire slayer?
    How about a sombrero! Viva el ladrón
    I'd Be More Apathetic... If I Wasn't So Lethargic

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    *Shrug* Maybe to western, but i still like it

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    The face is awesome, but something tells me it will only be used to be nearly fully covered, which is basicly the way we Thief fans like it

    P.S: Hatted thieves=D xD

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    Jun 2004
    Ze lockpicks added. (*note, specular to high.. will hopefully be fixed)

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    Very nice, I hope they're gonna drop flat on the ground.

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    Jun 2003
    not in the Playboy Manor =(
    Do you have these Manpurses in Snakeskin leather too? d.d

    Jk awesome. And so intricate. I guess thats the fancy edition for leet players unlocked by 500 crackarrow kills. Normalos just get the old black "Leftovers from when i made my typical ugly thief rat pelt outfit" one.

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    Those picks look great!

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