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Thread: How does it work?

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    How does it work?

    Are there Nightblade servers up already? Is the game serial checked? And will it also be checked on LAN servers? The reason I'm asking is that we want to have a LAN party sometime and may not have enough UT3 games.

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    It is serial checked at the UT3 level and the master server level... tho not sure if there is a "Unreal4All" type mod that allows you to LAN without serial. Try getting UT3 to play that way. If UT3 can do it, then most mods should be transparent to that.
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  3. #3 UWindow2 seems to be able to let you into the game without typing in the CD-key on startup, but there's a window for it in the GUI. Maybe you can play LAN with it that way?

    Remember that it's still illegal to play the game without a serial, so why not just get them to buy the game? It's starting to get pretty cheap now.

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