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Thread: Custom install of UT2004, AS not running

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    Aug 2008

    Exclamation Custom install of UT2004, AS not running

    Ok, here is the deal: I have UT2004 installed and patched to latest, UT2004 runs ok and I can connect to servers; I got AS 1.3 from the Black cat website. Then I upgraded to 1.32
    My UT2004 installation is in a external HD, so it look like this:


    So I placed the folder Alienswarm 1.3 into my UT2004 folder, when I click on the AlienSwarm.exe the game seems to start but then nothing happens.
    I'm a bit confused by this since I had ran AS before without a problem from the external HD. As you can tell by my custom installation the game UT2004 is not in the registry on my PC, do you guys thing this maybe the problem?
    So to finish this is my path installation just in case is wrong:


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    It needs to be G:\UT2004\AlienSwarm\AlienSwarm.exe.
    It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.

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    Aug 2008
    But on second thought, the name of the folder dosent matter after all.... so no go for that solution; but thanks any way.

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    It actually does, since that's how UT2004 tracks mods.

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    Aug 2008
    Well, I did the change to the proper name and still no luck.
    one strage thing is that if I install using the Umod and using the extractor tool I can run AS 1.0 but as soon as I update the files to newest 1.32 the mod won't run; with version 1.0 the mod even appears in the UT2004 comunnity mod section and I can run the mod from there.

    Any clues?

    By the way, to update I just copy and paste over the old files from AS 1.0 but also the name of the mod folder is AlienSwarm2004...

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    Does UT2004 still work?

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