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Thread: openSuse 11: Update or change?

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    openSuse 11: Update or change?

    I don't like long posts, so...
    I've been using open suse in my home PC (10.3 lately) for some time. With new version 11.0 I plan to update to it. Any objections from people that have used it? I have worked with a previous version of Ubuntu in another PC and it was ok. I mostly do typical stuff, like office, browsing and basic java development, in linux. Any other views on the matter? (I don't care about the critisism against Novell)

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    Apr 2006
    Frankfurt a.M., Germany
    I have tested Open Suse 11 briefly and liked it. Much has been improoved since the last 10 version. The installation is way quicker, lots of repossitories are already selectable. However you need to install some codects. There is help on the community site where you can download an complete codec installer.

    I must addmit that I dont use linux at home but only on servers at work. So I cant 100% say if everything what you need is already included but I guess its totaly worth the upgrade :-)

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    Apr 2005
    I found with openSuse 10.3, after a few repositories get added to the list, it slowed any installation to a hault, taking 15 minutes to install one thing. Maybe it was just those repositories in particular...

    I am currently on Fedora 9 and haven't had the problem I had in Suse. Although it doesn't come with KDE 3

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    Thanks Felix and DIP.

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    <insert 10 cups of ubuntu here>
    debian yay.
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