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Thread: Thief Gold/2 on Thievery

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    Ya, there are a few maps that have been converted to thievery. Bafford was one that was released. There was also the start of "Blackmail" from T2 planned but never finished I believe.

    The problem is that Single Player Thief maps don't usually make good Multiplayer Thievery maps.
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    It bet it wouldn't be too difficult to convert them into something playable for Thievery.

    P.S. I'm amazed anyone would bother to do this for a 10 yr old mod. I guess that's a testament to how good Thievery is/was.

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    Aye. It's pretty much the same as converting doom maps to dn3d back then

    But gameplay might be bad since they were not meant to be Thievery. I dont think Bafford plays well, but that might also because I don't know the layout very well find it confusing.

    Actually you can better spend the time in making a Thievery map from scratch. Looks way better, cleaner and can focus on gameplay aswell . Thief maps look ugly so you would need to drastically improve details anyway to make it look pretty on UT engine. (actually Bafford looks great but I dont know if the geometry/design/details have been improved on. But atleast the lighting looks nice )

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    the simple problem with Thief maps in thievery is just room layout..

    Think of a map like Th-Theatre. There's no real "rooms". Each room leads into another with slight, but not impassable choke points between each. Also the main loot is kept in guardable, but not overly guardable areas.

    Same with Nostalgia.. same with asylum.... same with skeltston even. All the favorites. All the rooms connect to the next.
    But look at maps like Breandor. Tho mighty fine on the eyes, the inclusion of multiple guest rooms makes it bad for multiplay.

    - Guards have 3 flares, and some 20 rooms to flarescan...
    - Loot is scattered all over the map, even in very dark areas. You can't really tell when an area is being hit because there are so many spots to check.
    - Shadows riddle the halls and rooms and everywhere. No main lit areas where loot is centered.

    Things like that make for great SP, giving the player lots of rooms to explore. But for an MP game that needs balance, there needs to be a certain flow.

    Then there are maps like Gerome, where it works, mainly because the loot is centered around that area, the rooms are tiny, and not many shadows outside the rooms so it forces thieves to get in and out, with a higher possibility of getting caught. So it just depends on a lot of balance factors
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    Yes you are right with it. Thats why I think TUT maps are even easier to make than UT maps. Mostly it's about coming up with a room plan / mansion etc. and then decorate them with prefabs.

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    Jul 2004
    Unreal Engine 2.0 was UT2003/2004

    Looks good, think it was either DarkPrject or NeoPenDragon who once converted S&R for TuT long,long ago

    I've actually modified the convertor to work for NightBlade for peoples t1/2 fan missions, just a lack of textures for conversions means it can only texture your imported map so far (because naturally I'm avoiding all the copyright problems associated with anyone using the original thief textures).


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    Jan 2003
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    Quote Originally Posted by ]>CoD<[Chief View Post
    Unreal Engine 2.0 was UT2003/2004

    Looks good, think it was either DarkPrject or NeoPenDragon who once converted S&R for TuT long,long ago

    That was me. I lost the file long ago sadly.

    The neat thing is that if you put the lights in the exact places it will more or less look like the original.

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