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Thread: Killing Floor, the Game

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    Apr 2005

    Killing Floor, the Game

    If any of you remember the old mod, Killing Floor for UT2004, Tripwire Interactive have snapped up the developers and this is now being made into a full game

    As a fan of Killing Floor, I'm excited to see what they do with it
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    Mar 2005
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    Replacing the old lady living in a box with a creepy guy with an overcoat?
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    Jun 2003
    not in the Playboy Manor =(
    Dunno what went thru that Alex dudes head when he brought in the shop, too much RE4 prolly.

    A) It really is a fucking box means you got multiple players stuffed in there blocking each other trying to get to the counter or away
    B) 50 seconds or so to buy crap so you better are close to it at the end of the round so fuck 70% of the map lets camp at the nearest convienient spot unless you got that medic skill which makes you run faster
    C) If youre new prepare to die after the first round for like 2 games until you figure out where the place is

    Cant remember how it was in 1.0 (buying zones or buy everywhere?) but it sure was better.

    Dont think this will sell too well tho even if they stuff the singleplayer part back in, L4D will get a survival mode which is essentially the same, just less players.

    PS : Heh oh dear. That one was 80% finished (very early pic there) then it got some stupid bug where you couldnt hit anything, then my PC borked out. Fate didnt want this map to be made

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    Jan 2003
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiP View Post
    If any of you remember the old mod, Killing Floor for UT2004
    Point of interest: if you're trying to build anticipation for the game, conjuring memories of that mod is not the way to do it.

    My boycott still stands.
    It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.

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    Jun 2004


    BiG D speaks the truth. A relaunch under a different name would have been better.

    From the times I played KF, I thought it was a buggy disaster. And the next release was actually worse than version 1, because the bugs broke the game instead of giving quirks and cheats, and the gameplay changes made it worse. I didn't play later versions because I gave up on it.

    They'd be better off starting again, maybe using the same artwork. Except now that's out of date, so they'd be better off starting again entirely.

    Sorry to be harsh DiP.

    Obviously if it turns out to be a good game I will buy it.

    Also I didn't like Red Orchestra, too much unfun realism.
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    Couldn't remember what this was, now I can. Yes, played it once and never again because I thought the shop system removed any fun the game could have had.
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    Back then we had a small chance when he set the shop timelimit to 90 seconds+.

    But otherwise it's just rubbish. I still only know shop locations of half of the maps (+customs). I grew tired of it because I always had to look up in UED where it was and then forgot it anyway since some maps are more confusing than others.

    Imo it's a nice mod... but a full game? meh.

    I remember there was even a donation on the homepage back when 2.5 came out.

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    Sep 2004
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schleicher View Post
    Dunno what went thru that Alex
    Cant remember how it was in 1.0 (buying zones or buy everywhere?) but it sure was better.
    There was one locker where you bought/sold items, so it was really just the same. Except you could make the locker give out more money than it was supposed to.

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    Jan 2003
    TuF Forums
    If KillingFloor >= L4D then
    Consideration = True

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    Jun 2003
    not in the Playboy Manor =(
    Oh right the lockers. They caused alot less traffic jam by generally being in an open space iirc

    Wonder if theres still 1.0 servers, liked the Silent Hill-ish stile more, plus akimbo pistols were imba xD

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