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Thread: Stats and what they do

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    Stats and what they do

    Did some digging for information on what certain stats do, some of the info was clear, other info is a bit more open to interpretation. I put it together in an easier to figure out format.

    Check marine_skills.cfg in "\alien swarm\swarm\cfg" to look at some of this info yourself.

    Shared Skills
    Health Bonus
    80 health base, +15 health/point

    Melee Damage Bonus
    30 Base dmg, +6 Melee dmg/point
    10 base force, +1 force per point
    +0.1 speed per point, 1 base speed
    *I think force is probably knockback and speed probably increases melee attack rate.

    Speed Bonus
    +10 Movement speed per point, 290 base movement speed

    Reload Speed Bonus
    Increases size of fast reload area by 5% per point
    Reduces reload speed by 14% per point
    Base reload speed is +40%, with full Reload it is -30%
    *This means by default you have 1.4x reload speed, but with full reloading you have 0.7x reload speed

    Assault Rifle: 5 dmg base, +1 dmg/point
    Prototype Assault Rifle: 5 dmg base, +1 dmg/point
    Pump Action-Shotgun: 25 dmg/pellet (175 total), +2 dmg/pellet (14 total), 7 pellets
    Precision Rail Rifle: 75 dmg base, +10 dmg/point
    Flamethrower: 2 dmg base. +0.5 dmg/point
    Twin Pistols: 14 dmg, +2 dmg/point
    Personal Defense Weapon (PDW): 7 dmg, +1 dmg/point
    Marksman Rifle: 65 dmg, +10 dmg/point

    Explosives Bonus
    Grenade AoE (most grenades): 280 AoE, +20 AoE/point
    Assualt Rifle Grenade: 80 dmg base, +10 dmg/point
    Vindicator Incendiary Grenade: 80 dmg base, +10 dmg/point
    Frag Grenade (per cluster): 80 dmg base, +10 dmg/point
    Freeze Grenade: 210 AoE, no increanse, 3.0s freeze, +0.3s/point
    Grenade Clusters: 0 base, +1/point
    *I'm still figuring this one out
    *clusters seem to be a point system used to determine how many of a grenade are thrown, for example trip mines is 2 mines at 2 explosives and 3 mines at 4 explosives

    Officer Skills
    +3% chance to deal double damage per point, applies individually to each pellet
    +6% chance to reduce damage by half

    Vindicator Damage
    15 dmg/pellet base (105 total), +2 dmg/pellet/point (14 total), 7 pellets

    Specialist Skills
    Autogun Damage
    Autogun Damage: 7 dmg base, +1 dmg/point
    Minigun Damage: 7 dmg base, +1 dmg/point

    Piercing Bullets
    20% chance for bullets to pierce per point
    Piercing bullet does damage and continues through alien

    Medic Skills
    Healing Beacon: 4 beacons base, +1 beacon/point, 25 healing base, +8 healing per point, AoE may increase with healing points
    Healing gun: 40 charges base, +10 charges/point, 5 healing/charge base, +1 healing/charge per point (heals every 0.33s)
    Self Medkit base healing 50, +5 healing per point, only increases self medkit for medic
    *self medkit claims it increases from 50 to 80, but math only works out to 75 healing with 5 points

    Infestation Curing
    Reduces infestation by length by 25% per point

    Combat Drugs
    Adrenaline lasts for 5 game seconds base (~11 actual seconds), increases by 0.8 game seconds per point (~1.76 actual seconds)
    *what this mean is if you turn on adrenaline with no medic it will last about 11 seconds while 5 seconds worth of play passes.
    *note the is some discrepency between the claimed values, 5s(11s)-11s(21S) and the way the math works out

    Tech Skills
    650 base, +150 range per point
    *note config files say max range is susposed to be 1350, which would be +250 per point, this is either an error or 3 points in scanner is actually interpreted as 5 points

    Claims base speed of 60% and increases to 210%
    Base weld 0.8, 0.5 per point (uses 1.0 if no tech is present)
    Base turret 1.0, 0.25 per point
    *this is pretty hard to interpret, I just know with vegas around it goes very fast
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    bwuahahahahahahahah, don't see flamer.

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    Jun 2004
    Flamer receives it's bonus from the Damage skill.

    There's a number of incorrect equipment descriptions, such as the Hornet stating it receives more missiles with higher explosives, but this isn't true. It can be easily sorted through addons.

    I'm pretty sure Speed/Movement does not increase your reload speeds, that is simply a misplaced comment in the file.
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    Added flamer, missed that one when adding all the guns

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    Grenade Clusters: 0 base, +1/point
    *I'm still figuring this one out
    *clusters seem to be a point system used to determine how many of a grenade are thrown, for example trip mines is 2 mines at 2 explosives and 3 mines at 4 explosives
    Sarge and Jaeger have a special stash of high powered Cluster Hand Grenades. Don't worry, though. They're behind an electronic lock so no unauthorized personnel can get their hands on them.

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