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Thread: Alien Health and Difficulty

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    Alien Health and Difficulty

    Difficulty Changes
    Easy: x0.6 health and damage, 70% alien movement speed, 96% marine movement speed
    Normal: x1.0 health and damage, 100% alien movement speed, 100% marine movement speed
    Hard: x1.4 health and damage, 110% alien movement speed, 102.4% marine movement speed
    Insane: x2.0 health and damage, 120% alien movement speed, 104.8% marine movement speed

    *note: spawns also change drastically on Insane mode

    Alien Base Health and damage:
    Buzzer: 30 Health, 15 damage
    Drone: 40 Health
    Ranger: 101.5 Health
    Boomer: 800 Health

    Only numbers I could find so far. The alien health was found using the console.
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