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Thread: Mods to vanilla and VAC

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    Mods to vanilla and VAC

    Now the mod community starts kicking in one big question still remains. Are we allowed to make mods to the vanilla distro? Also what's with VAC, will VAC ban if you play with a moded client.dll?

    I don't see how anybody could cheat with this game... Are they goign to make a wallhack? Maybe an aimbot? What good will those do except maybe get you the "Nuke From Orbit" achievement!

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    Why would you even have/want to mod the client.dll in the first place?
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    Aug 2010
    thats what I was asked by a snotty incompetenet server tech today. Many reasons my friend perhaps modfiying the game mechanics?
    it seems that many cant grasp the concept of modding these days.

    But yeah I too would like to know whats the lowdown with regards to this...

    Edit: breaking news: mods are not supported by most server providers... the partys over before it began
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