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Thread: How to unlock items in offline mode

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    How to unlock items in offline mode


    I search a way to play with all item in offlline mode ?

    Where are stored the player statistiques for aliens swarm in the game directory ?

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    They seem to be tied to your Steam profile, so I'm going to guess no.
    Enabling cheats and spawning them in offline mode might be doable. I don't know how.

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    I want select them directly at when is equip me and the bots in offline mode.

    I have tried to replace an the last steam profile by an old at different level.

    I find in the directory "steam/appcahce/stats/ " two files named *****_630_***.bin.

    The profile is saved elsewhere, but i don't know where ?

    I failled, aliens swarm remenber the last same in offline mode.

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