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Thread: !!!>>Legends of Thievery<< !!!

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    Dec 2010

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    In the last year and month of the first decade of the 21st century (or rather Dec 2010 for short) a legend was born. His name was Unstoppable.

    Then again he was actually born inside Thievery about 9 years ago give or take a few. Anyway as I was saying.

    One man, mammoth firepower, insurmountable odds, I am TUROK! (Old N64 commercial) No wait I am not Turok.

    Anyway if you are still reading I have formed the Legends of Thievery guild. The purpose of this guild is to keep a watchful eye over the Thievery players and have good times. That is to keep a small historical record, nothing written just seen and talked about on the forums.

    Anyone who is interested in joining can apply. Those that have played Thievery for a long time are also encouraged to join.

    We are a guild that is just out to have fun and maybe if we get a few members we can then try some competitions with other guilds.

    Anyway see you in game! To the rooftops!


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    All the best.

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