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Thread: Hiho. now that you programmed the game of my dreams, I'll join

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    Talking Hiho. now that you programmed the game of my dreams, I'll join

    Competative multiplayer Thief - What better thing could I hope for? None. So after some hours of emulating installers and patches, I made it run. Now I'm fully here to play.
    A playerbase of 10 is perfectly fine with me, as long as those are decent folks, which you, judged by the forum, definitely are

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    Jan 2010
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    hi, welcome! See you on the servers, kthxbai.

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    Sweet, what time can you usually play? Need to know so that I can brew enough coffee in case I'll have to stay up all night

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    /me sharping sword ...
    /me wiping blackjack ...
    A real huge Man will neither stamp on a Worm, nor crawl for an Emperor

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    hard to tell at which time I play... mostly around 16-20 gmt.

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    Apr 2003
    Vancouver, Canada
    Wow, last time i was here in 2005... Just reinstalled thievery for fun...

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    Man, I remember hearing about Thievery and playing it for the first time. I was disappointed that the updates stopped coming, but man, looking back at the posts on this forum from 2003...

    So much time has passed, and now with Windows 7 UT doesn't even work on my computer. But I have to say, it makes me proud to have been able to play this labor of love for so many years, and I just wish someone else would pick up the mantle and modernize this idea.

    Thievery was a dream come true. It was better than I could have imagined, and was a far better project execution by a mod team than I've seen most anywhere. Thinking about it gives me the warm fuzzies.

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    Jan 2003
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    UT should work fine under Win7, I'm running it myself. What are your symptoms?
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    Jun 2003
    not in the Playboy Manor =(
    I had some sound/graphics issues with it under win7, fixed those with oldunreal.

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