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    It pains me to do this (no, seriously, I'm in actual, physical pain), but I'm thinking of starting up a tabletop RPG.

    That's not the painful part. That I'm bringing it here is.

    I'm recruiting players. System would be something you probably haven't heard of (Cortex) but is pretty easy to learn, and versatile. The theme would be modern day crime drama, set in Seattle, with paranormal undertones (think X-Files, but local rather than national) with a twist to occur later on - which will be a game-changer - literally.

    Successful recruits must have and be willing to use Skype, have some previous tabletop experience, own or be willing to acquire a set of polyhedral dice (if you don't know what that means, just stop reading) and be willing to fill out approximately 100 pages of character questionnaires

    There is no guarantee this thing is going to get off the ground. Right now, it's an idea that's been floating around in my so-called mind for about 8 years. But if you're interested (you know you are), give me "hell yah". Besides, when else are you gonna get the chance to see what The Rat actually looks like?

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    OK, I was joking about the 100 pages of questionnaires. It's more like 2-4 pages.

    Still, you do have to have polyhedral dice.

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