Theatre (2.00)
Map loot 1180, found 1180/ map loot 1180, found 1180
2 free lockpicks (thief spawn behind mirror, 'Lower Library section' by book on ground)
water crystals: 1 in the Channel, 1 in sewers
Isar-church 1st floor tomb, 'machine room' backstage
Berkana-Hidden Tomb by fire, underground graveyard
Fehu- found backstage library up ladder, also found in sewers crypt, Storage room, auditorium with wine bottles
Sowelu- graveyard, Visitants Entrance (piano), in ghost sewers area
Thurisar- ghost area, Machine room above ladder near backstage, sewers by double doors

Sewers crypt area ghost side 125
Underground Graveyard ring 10
Hidden Tomb by fire 85
Backstage 210
Library candle 10
Makeup Room 60 only 2 doors had loot
Auditorium 210
Visitants Entrance (piano) 210
Sewers skull row 150
Underground garden ring 10
church 2nd floor 80
Lower Library candles 20