Aquatone TME v 1.3
map loot 1065, found 1265 locked chests go over count/ map loot 1245, found 1385
(5) Staff Bedroom Key
(4) Guest Room key
Private Records key
Master Room key
Security Area key
middle switch in Security room resets all metal doors and vents. Side switches for show?
pickpocketing bots 10 each time, can go beyond map loot, can even pickpocket watcher!
can complete without picks, can get sleeping guest to open door by jumping outside
guest doors are too difficult to pick but entry vents are pickable
10 Evidence spawns in...
APO supplies 0-1
APO tables 0-3
Director's Quarters 2-4
Hissy room 0-1
4 Guest rooms 0-2
Bathroom with pool 0-1
Bar 0-1
Conference Room 0-2
Library 0-1
Piano Room 0-1
Records 0-2
Barracks w/checkered floor 0-1
Barracks with vent 0...never?
Barracks with no vent 0-1
Kitchen 0-1....2?
Ceallachan's guest room 1

APO tables 200 and no evidence
Bar 75
Lobby/lounge purple bag 60
cups and outside guest rooms 260
piano room purple bag 60
bathroom purple bag and ring in pool 110
Ceallachan's guest room ring 50
white cups and hallway loot 320
pool/ bathroom ring in water 50
Director's 200
ferret guest room purple bag 60
blue guest room 50