Asylum FVB02
map loot 0
torches in exit, twin ladders going up
Vent key in doctor's study
4 buttons at reception desk left to right from top: Study, Greenhouse, Spider, Exit lights
Exit lights button does not shut lamps off elsewhere
prison cells picked by getting at panel and opening to button
flashbomb and speed in $ panel
cells walled in look. Cells I-V all with pickable panels. III is 'Miss Hissy' a horrific spider, lethal spider, a hissing spider. Killed 4 without dowsing torches
windows broke, didn't crash server
left chest in morgue too difficult to pick, right chest ok for thieves
left hand locked cabinet by reception desk (0-1)
right hand locked Cabinet by reception desk (0-1)
Greenhouse (0-2), Spider cell (1 ), Morgue (0-1 )
prison cell IV (0-1 ), Examination room (1 ), Study (0-2 )
Pool room on bench (0-1), Dining Room (1
Doctor briefly ran out of study! Study doors inside lever can't be used to open doors, only shut. Can guards use it to open? Killed doctor with vine arrow
dripping blood puddle does track footprints
prison cell V unlocked
Bruno found in prison cell 1, 2, spider cell with a vaccine, greenhouse with no vaccine
Spider killed 5, torches out in cell
over 36 torches
set off Exit objective alarm with 5 vaccines and Bruno but dropped body and didn't 'win', continued playing
bots can't escape prison cell 2
tiny spider bodies in vent still leave blood tracks. Vicious and hungry