Asylum 2
map loot 10, found 0
NO torches in exit
Vent key in study by doc
Rusted Vent key in bloody pool
4 buttons at reception desk left to right from top: Study, Greenhouse, Spider, Exit lights
cabinets in reception not usable
Murdoch asleep in the Pool room
Vaccines spawn in Pool room on bench (1), Morgue, Sick room (upstairs outside study), Experiment rooms (2
'Audrey' can and will be killed by bot guards
2 small spiders above greenhouse in the vents, one ambushes you from web in corner
check map, vine up from 'Q' cell in the south. Full size door above 'E' of 'quarters' on map in vent is too difficult to pick. Rusted Vent key and Vent key don't work
secret area has repair tool, 7 flares (thieves can take), 3 caltrops, mine and for thieves: healing potion, catfall, speed, flashbomb, scouting orb and 2 breathing potions, telescope
must pick prison cell door
flash and speed in $ door
Found vaccines in Pool room 1, Sick Room, Doc's room (study)- had 2 vaccines, Experiment Room bookshelf 1, cel 3, no vaccines found in spider cell, Morgue, Greenhouse 0-2
Bruno spawned in cel 2, greenhouse with 2 vaccines
Audrey was in cel IV
green apple 0-1
red apple 1
Miss Hissy was 'lethal'
2 small spiders in vents, one ambushes near exit web at vent