Bourgeois TME
map loot 980-1020, map loot 1010 found 1010
# of locked doors?
water crystals: fountain 0-2, Hanses 2nd Floor tub 0-1, sewers 3, toilet sink 2, intermediate floor 2 on pipes above but won't respawn, upper bathroom 0-1, 'upper small' bathroom 0-1, sewer exit by spider 2, 3 in remaining sewers
2 Master Boris, 3 spiders
2 peek holes in floor on 'intermediate floor' with red spider (a poisonous spider)
'A key'- unlocks Master Boris's room
Thief Flat key-
Basement key- also works on apartment back door
Apartment backdoor key- found in Master's Bedroom
Boris' room key- found in Master's Bedroom
map can be completed without picks, sceptre worth 400

fountain silver coins 0-25 0-2 water crystals
Basement 'Lars' bedroom 0
Basement chests 50
Main Hall watcher 60
Living Room fireplace 60-120
Dining Room 0-50
Library 55
Library $ chest 0
Upper Bathroom M. Boris 60
Upper Floor table candle 60
Upper Small Bathroom 0 and 0-1 water crystal
Masters Bedroom 60 purple bag by clock
Attic coins 20
Attic purple bag 60
Attic safe sceptre 350
sewers spider in switch room 25
Pub Side entrance 0
Pub 0
Hanses range 50-
Hanses Tavern coins by book 15
Hanses wine cellar 0-60
Hanses 2nd floor rooms 0-5
2nd floor cards room with cup 5
pool table room 0

Sewer exit: a lethal spider