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Thread: Quake Champions (Free to Play - BETA)

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    Mar 2004
    Restoring balance.

    Quake Champions (Free to Play - BETA)

    What are your thoughts, has anyone played this yet?

    The BETA release (which is free) in its various patch states has been hit and miss for some these past few months. Even high end machine owners were experiencing issues in game which seem to have settled down now as they continue to fix it up.

    Overall QC is faster than ever and very dynamic unlike previously, with the addition of passive and active abilities, revised arsenal and character attributes. Still strategic in controlling items and maps, competitive, and left trying to survive the craziness. Its certainly the only direction the multiplayer game could of gone from what was Quake live.

    Overwatch or whatever its called :p has quite a reception currently, can't move far in any part of the gaming area of the internet without reading something related to it. But like Borderlands cartoons don't do it for everyone, its always interesting to see if any Taffers are rocket jumping though!
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