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Thread: Hellow and good bye!

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    Jan 2010
    My headphones

    Talking Hellow and good bye!

    It's good old Alex-X-x here! Since i've dropped gaming completely, i thought, i'ma just say hello and good bye to everyone! It's been a nice time with you guys and girls, still have a lot of good memories.

    I'll keep my youtube channel online, so you can watch some of my crappy TuT vids ive recorded on my channel

    Well... GG&HF everyone! It's a shame, that Nightblade didn't make it...

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    Jan 2003
    Since i've dropped gaming completely
    I give it three weeks.....
    [E.D.G] "Eaves Droppers Guild - we're on the edge."

    All New Thievery-O's!

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    Yeah I have seen you online on steam again after like more than a year. Surprising to see you dropped gaming afterall, although understandable.

    Been a long time. Good to see you're alive still though.
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    Jan 2003
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    I believe we had a game or two together. Best of luck in wherever real life takes you.

    Happy frobbing!
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    How fast time passed...
    Maybe we will meet on-line once again someday

    Fear is the mind-killer.

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    What's more revealing, Gabriel Goop still hasn't made any friends yet
    [E.D.G] Trapmaster - Doomsayer
    Brush scaling by 0.5325662468842 and still going

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