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Thread: modelers,scripters: wanted

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    Apr 2003
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    Dear fellow,

    I need some scripters and modelers to help with an idea that I have. (well I would like it if you could help me.) I've got an idea to create wizards for a level im planning to build. But I dont have the tools or the know how to create the models and do the scripting for the models. If anyone is interested plz contact me via this post or pm or other means as soon as is humanly possible. And if your a scripter I am also looking into the idea of custom objects and could use some scripters to help me script for my custom objects. Thanks in advance for the replies.


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    Might help in getting a reply if you supplied an email address and/or IM info in your profile.

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    Jan 2003
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    It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.

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    I would offer to help, but I completely forgot about the above-mentioned thread.

    I'm not willing to devote my time to something that the devs are already working on, my version would only suck, in comparison.

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    Apr 2003
    smashing peoples zen eggs
    that could put a dent in things :lol: oh well. Im still looking for some scripters to help me with my custom objects though. Ive got some cool ideas. Maybe I should just join the team. Hmm, so much to choose from. Anywho. If anyone can script for custom objects. I mean like making them frobable and so on and so forth. Ill get my profile updated. thanks


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    Quote Originally Posted by hallowedwarrior
    I mean like making them frobable and so on and so forth.
    Just use ThieveryObject as a superclass, that will automatically handle making them frobbable and all other generic object properties.

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    OK, PM/Email your custom-object ideas to me and I'll give you a rundown on how long I reckon each will take to script & whether I'll be willing to work on any of them.

    As per all my other scripting-jobs, I'm not making any promises (I am working on some scripting projects of my own, at the moment).

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