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Thread: Nightblade TV?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taken from MegaGames preview of Unreal Tournament 2004
    Unreal TV

    Another, even more obvious, example of user-innovation being introduced into the game is Unreal TV.

    It was originally a mod developed for the Unreal Tournament by two Swedish players.
    UTV is a software process called a spectator proxy that allows many people to connect to games in play and watch the battles. Thousands can be watching, live, with only a few seconds delay.

    Unreal Tournament 2004 will truly attempt to be created by the people, for the people.
    I know that as now you guys are making it for UT2k3, but if this gets to be implemented will NB sport it? Im thinking of this because of Turf Wars. As now the rules say 1 spectaor, with this system we would still have a closed game but gamers could see it.
    Just a question, probably most Gulds will not want public games since it would reveal some of their secrets so this might be laid off.
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    Well, If a guild doesnt wish to use a stratigy because others would find out.... then they simply do not use it UNLESS they are IN a guild match..... what would be the point of saving really special trick.... when in your next match it will be reviealed to everyone imaginable.

    And guilds play TUT dont they? They may use stratigies on the public servers.... you just may not know it because there it only one member of the guild present. :wink:
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    Thousands can be watching, live, with only a few seconds delay.

    That'll be the day...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master-Builder
    That'll be the day...
    It already is....take a look at Korea.
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    Hooray for crappy works PCs that screw up while you're posting

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    hmm...I've heard that they have this type of thing with Starcraft in Korea, but I dunno if watching a game is really that fun unless the person is really good. On TechTV, they sometimes show footage that's nonDLed from really good CS clans. I'm sure there's some way to be able to record footage.

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    On TechTV? I haven't seen that. What show was it? I like watching replays from Starcraft and Warcraft 3. Some people really make it look like an art. Just look at the replays of the pro players.

    I think my favorite replay was a free for all game of SC. IIRC, it was about 3 or 4 players with one Terran and the rest Zerg. The Terran guy gets wolloped for the whole game and keeps moving and rebuilding his base, trying to hide from the zerg. And by a miracle, he ends up winning the match.
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    I'd watch TUT guild matches!

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