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Thread: Unpredictable Gameplay

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    May 2004

    Unpredictable Gameplay

    I've played Alien Swarm since it came out, yeah not along time, but each time it has been different.

    First couple of games everyone is teaming up and I ended up playing with the same group of people for like 6 hours. Which was great.

    However, ever since that first time I played, it's been totally shit, people arn't just teaming up unless you know them already, the public servers have been totally insane. Just yesteday, a rambo got killed, and everyone else finished the level alive, so they went on to the next level. He then uses peoples maxed out character instead of using a spare fresh one, and so when we got into the game since you can shoot each other the whole game turned into a deathmatch game for about 2 hours. Until I finally gave up on trying to play and left lol. In Australia there wern't any servers for a while so I was stuck with the one low ping server. Now we have more though, which is nice. Still... It's really hard to find people who arn't dickheads to play with.

    Anyone started any clans yet?

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    May 2004
    England, UK
    Come into the Swarm Pickup Channel and meet people that want to play Team Games!

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    Feb 2004
    it would be nice to play with the same people again and again but i don't see how the clan mechanic would work for AS.

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    just find a group of people that love games as much as you, i play wiht a bunch of people in the natural selection community cuz this mod resembles NS a bit

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